Welcome to peaCTF 2020Announcement

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BY peaCTF Team / ON Jun 25, 2020

Welcome to peaCTF 2020

Welcome to the 2020 “Advanced” peaCTF event! We have learned a lot from the feedback we received in our first two events, and are excited to launch our second year of CTF challenges soon! Although we are upscaling the production level of our organization, we find it still critical to keep in close contact with all teams participating. If you run into any issues with any of the content we provide, want a small hint on a problem, or have any miscellaneous questions, don’t be shy to email us! For any other public, spoiler-free forms of discussion, please feel free to make a thread on the forums!

Our goal foremost this year is to make the user-experience as seamless as possible, and provide a CTF experience that can excite teams of all skill-levels. (let the “advanced” tag do you no dismay!) If your team feels that we are providing anything that falls away from that mission statement, please email us!


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