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BY peaCTF Team / ON Jun 25, 2020

Adapted from picoCTF’s Terms of Service

Thank you for your interest in the peaCTF 2020 competition organized by Phillips Exeter Cybersecurity Club.



The team that accumulates the most points within the allotted time will be the winner. All problems are graded dynamically based on a time factor that penalizes longer time taken to solve a problem, and that time is defined as the time elapsed since the inception of the round. The points deducted as a penalty are trivial in comparison with the worth of the problem, and serve as a measure to prevent identical scores. Please note that the countdown timer you see for each problem represents the time left until the virtualized solving environment will be recycled, and has nothing to do with penalty.

The distribution of prizes is roughly 30% and 70% for round 1 and round 2, respectively. If you were not able to participate in the first round, you still have a good chance to earn a decent place on the scoreboard if you do well in the second round.

peaCTF scoreboards are available to other participants and/or the public, and show the team name, the country of residence and/or school identified by the team leader, and/or the name of the school identified by the team leader.

While there are no limitations on the resources or tools that participants can use, only the eligible team participants may solve challenges as part of peaCTF. Team advisors, or anyone outside the team, may help facilitate the team’s work, such as by helping set up tools or providing resources, but may not provide direct assistance on any problems.

Teams may not interfere with the progress of other teams, nor with the operation of the peaCTF infrastructure. More specifically, attacking the scoring server, other teams, or machines not explicitly designated as targets is cheating. This includes both breaking into such machines, and denying others access to them or the ability to solve problems (for example, by altering a key or ping-flooding). Sharing keys or providing overly-revealing hints with other teams is cheating, as is being directly assisted by personnel outside your team (using tools from the internet is OK; asking people on the internet to help solve the problem is not). We encourage participants to solve problems in novel and creative ways using all available resources, but we do require that participants solve the problems themselves.

You must comply with the peaCTF Terms of Use and these rules. As a reminder, the Terms of Use include, among other things, a description of prohibited conduct and limitations on liability and damages.

Answers to problems may not be publicly posted or otherwise shared with anyone outside of your team members until after the peaCTF is over.

All information provided to establish an account must be true and correct. You are responsible for keeping such information up-to-date. Failure to keep your account up-to-date may, among other things, jeopardize your eligibility for prizes.

You are solely responsible for keeping your account names and passwords confidential. You are responsible for activity that takes place under your account (including but not limited to activity that may affect your eligibility for prizes). If you believe that your account (or an account you have created on behalf of your child or a student) has been or may be compromised, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible.

If you register to be on a team with other participants, you understand that information about you may be provided to other team participants. In addition, you understand that your school may be informed about your participation in peaCTF and/or may be asked to verify your enrollment. To the extent your school cannot legally release such information about you without your consent and you do not provide such consent, you agree that you and/or your team may be ineligible for certain prizes if we cannot verify your eligibility.

At any time, any participant and/or team in the event of a failure to meet relevant eligibility criteria or any other violation or suspected violation of these rules and/or any Terms of Use (including but not limited to cheating).

We will determine participation eligibility, declare winners (including but not limited to in the event of a tie), and award prizes in its sole and absolute discretion. You agree that such decisions are final and are not subject to review or reconsideration, and that teams are not entitled to be informed of other teams’ results.

The peaCTF 2020 site or materials may link to and/or refer to third party websites and/or services. We do not control or endorse such sites. You are responsible for determining the suitability of those sites or services.

You may not assign, delegate or transfer any of your rights or obligations under these rules. Any attempted assignment, delegation or transfer shall be void. These rules, the Terms of Use (including the Privacy Statement) and your peaCTF 2020 registration represent your entire agreement with peaCTF 2020.


We are proudly announcing that we will be giving out prizes to our high performing teams. This is made possible by our awesome sponsors listed here.


In order to be eligible for participation, individuals must:

  • be at least 13 years old;

  • if under 18, have the consent of their parent or legal guardian to participate;

  • form a team alone or with up to 4 other participants; and

  • have a valid peaCTF account created through

In order to be eligible for monetary prizes provided by Trail of Bits, each participant must:

  • be at least 13 years old, but younger than 20

  • have indicated in their registration that they are a middle or high school student and resident in the US

  • be enrolled in an accredited United States middle school or high school, and

  • not already have a high school diploma or GED;

In order to be eligible for The Wolfram Award, each participant must:

  • have indicated in their registration that they are a middle school, high school, or college student and resident in the US

  • be enrolled in an accredited United States middle school, high school, or college, and

  • not already have a college diploma;


Children’s Privacy

Since peaCTF is not intended for the use of or designed to attract the attention of children, participants must be 13 or older, and any user under 18 must have parental consent. We do not collect personal information from anyone we know to be under age 13, and children under 13 should not send us any information. If you are a parent believe your child under 13 has registered for our competition or provided us with information, please email us at [email protected] and we will remove their information, subject to the limitations stated above.


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