Our prizes.

Learned about detailed rules, prize distribution, eligibility, and our privacy statement in Terms & Conditions.

**$1000** in Cash
Details TBA
$2,000 DigitalOcean Credits
We are giving out $2,000 in the form of DigitalOcean credits, and $50 in addition for each winning team (conditions apply). More details TBA. Hacker Plan
We are providing the Hacker Plan at to almost all of our participants. More details TBA.
Wolfram|One Access
Wolfram|One is available for all participants of peaCTF. More details TBA.
The Wolfram Award
We are offering $375 worth of Wolfram|One Personal Edition plus a one-year subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro to all members of the winning team. More details TBA.
$1,000 Bugsee Credits
$1,000 Bugsee Credits to our winning teams. More details TBA.
Themefisher Website Templates
Details TBA